Mograph – Meeting Summary 150828

Item #1 – Works presentable, but not the best.
Actions – Be move involved in the pre-production stage of project. Joining pitches/meeting to better articulate the “concept/idea” to the client.

Item #2 – Maximizing internal manpower first before outsourcing work out.
Actions – Based on project context (flexible timeline, simplified content), used as opportunity to try freelancers.

Item #3 – Which part of the pipeline are you interested in? Feel more sense of ownership to the project if you are involved?
Actions – Direct Client V.S. Agency

Direct Client

Start from conceptualizing to delivery.

Government Sector Backstory (MCI framework)

  • Video Production: Quality is not a priority to them. There are cheaper vendors available.
  • Mograph: approx 5 of 28 companies does Mograph. LRA is one of them.

Agency Works

  • Pros: More fun TVCs. Projects with bigger exposures.
  • Cons: Less creative freedom. Short turn-around time.


Immediate Actions

  • Exploring the posssibilities of interns
  • Everyday @6p.m. – Express personal interest in Slack for various projects
  • Last Monday of every Month (Finance Claim Day)
    • Cross-check whether above actions are carried out.
    • Review individual work among the team.

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